Thunder Bay Web Design Packages

Building a website can be a daunting task involving content writing, editing, layout, photography, marketing, search engine optimization and more. Choosing the right web design package for your business can make that even tricker. But it doesn't have to be! At Thunder Bay Web Design, we offer premium local full service web design and development, including; planning, wireframing, design, programming, marketing, web hosting, technical support and launch services. Whatever your website requirements are, we'll find a solution. Check out some of our web design packages below.

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Single Page Websites

Single Page websites are websites that have all content contained on a single page, usually the 'index' or 'default' landing page. Single page websites can be very simple, or they can be more complex - depending on how much information you are presenting. They are highly versatile and can contain very minimal content, or several blocks of content organized in #sections.

These websites are a great choice for those who don't need a full website and only require a single page to let visitors know the who, what, when, where, why and how of their business. They can also be used as temporary landing pages while a website is being updated or while new website is being developed.

Single page websites can be designed to suit your needs:

  • One page business card style websites
  • Single page presentation websites
  • Single page multi section websites
  • Temporary landing pages
  • Website maintenance pages
  • Splash pages to direct visitors to other websites





Multi-Page Static Websites

Static websites, which are also known as 'flat pages' or 'stationary pages' are websites built without the use of a content management system (CMS). In order to maintain these websites you'll need to edit the websites code directly meaning basic knowledge of HTML is required less you hire a professional to do the updates for you.

Static websites are best suited to websites that do not require frequent updating or dynamic content (for example, an auto-updating news feed or an online business directory). They normally cost less than an average website built using a content management system (CMS), but may have higher cost for maintenance.

At Thunder Bay Web Design, we develop static websites that work to save time and money. You can expect a static website with a beautiful responsive design, clean standard code and built with web  accessibility in mind. We build in a way that keeps content organized and repetitive information (such as headers and footers) all organized in one place. This means updating will take less time whether you decide to manage the website yourself, or hire a professional like ourselves to do it for you.

Multi-Page static websites that work for you:

  • One page business card style websites
  • Single page presentation websites
  • Single page multi section websites
  • Temporary landing pages
  • Website maintenance pages
  • Splash pages to direct visitors to other websites





SIMS Websites

SIMS is Sencia's locally developed Content Management System (CMS) and the most popular platform choice for our clients. SIMS offers our clients a clean, non-cluttered editing experience that allows website administrators to focus on content rather than code. The system was built and continues to evolve from observation and suggestions of our userbase.

Websites built on SIMS benefit from a unique responsive design, smooth editing experience, free initial training session, high website security and professional local support. All SIMS websites are also developed using current search engine optimization and accessibility practices.

Along with an exceptional editing experience, SIMS also offers a selection of optional modules to enhance user experience including; iGallerys, calendars, live stats, ecommerce stores, visitor accounts, blogs, polls and forums.

SIMS Benefits:

  • Clean editing experience
  • Custom Responsive Website Design
  • Free initial CMS training session
  • Local Thunder Bay website support
  • Optional modules
  • Highly customizable
  • Custom development
  • Locally developed CMS


10 Mile Road Race Website

Lowerys Responsive Design

Janzens Pharmacy Responsive Website

Wordpress Websites and Themes

Wordpress is currently one of the most widely known open source content management systems (CMS) used to power websites. It enables end users to view a visual interface of their website's backend that makes it easier and faster to manage and update their website. Wordpress websites are popular as the system's entire source code are version upgrades are free and the system is community based with a massive collection of free (sometimes paid) plugins and themes.

As Wordpress is an open source community project, it means development costs are less than that of an in-house developed content management (such as our own SIMS CMS developed in Thunder Bay). This is because much of the custom development take less time with use of pre-developed modules from the Wordpress community. The system's security and maintenance is also dependant on Wordpress's developers to regularily release patches and version upgrades. Wordpress websites cost more to develop than static websites, as they require extra time for installation, development and training.

At Thunder Bay Web Design we develop custom themes and plugins for Wordpress as well as provide essential support, maintenence and training.

Wordpress websites:

  • Wordpress Blogs
  • Custom Wordpress Themes
  • Custom Wordpress Plugins
  • Local Wordpress Support
  • Backups & Maintenance


 Scott Sumner Wordpress Website



Drupal, Joomla and Other CMS Websites

Are you looking to develop a website with a specific content management system (CMS)? There are numerous CMS available to develop websites - many are open source while others are paid (or offer paid versions). Thunder Bay Web Design primarily develops websites using our own locally developed and supported SIMS CMS with a number of clients also opting for Wordpress. If you have a specific CMS in mind, we're happy to explore the option with you. Let's talk about content management systems.

Content Management Systems:

  • Drupal
  • Concrete5
  • Joomla
  • Contao
  • Magento
  • Moodle
  • ProcessWire